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How can you win if you don’t know the rules?

Everything in media is changing. Audience behavior. Content delivery. Revenue models. Disruptive technology. The rules have changed...

Make change
your new best friend

If you’ve been struggling to keep up with changes in media you have been following the old rules. They don’t apply any more. Here are the new rules.

Invest in your audiences to retake the relationship

You need to own your audience on your own terms — a loyal audience that keeps coming back to you is the basis for a sound business model.

Define audience behavior

Use media apps to bridge the gap between traditional and new media in ways that build value for you. Don’t be controlled by audience behavior — define it.

Break vendor lock &
forget commitment

Apps are temporary. A platform allows you to build and adapt apps quickly using existing software or developing your own.

Build meaningful, real-time competitive advantage

You need an internal workflow that allows you to respond quickly and seamlessly to the constant shifts in trending topics and changes in audience preferences.

Stop building apps.
Start building audiences.

As soon as an app is launched it can be out of date. The new rules demand you deploy a platform that allows you to deliver apps quickly, change them on the fly, and maintain them easily. With Zapp, we’ll give you a platform so that:

  • Designers and UI teams: Can create the brand language, icons, and styling.
  • Editors and product owners: Can create and adapt apps, the experience, and the structure.
  • Devops and tech teams: Can integrate with content feeds and write their own code if required.
  • You can have it your way: Your team can build the app, or we’ll deliver it turnkey built on your platform.

Everything happening today will be different tomorrow. We’ll help you seize the opportunities uncertainty brings.


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