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10 Essential Questions for Streaming App Tech Buyers

Harness the right technology to advance your streaming business. Drawing from Caretta Research and our own in-depth expertise, this guide equips tech buyers with must-ask questions to identify the perfect app management partner.  

Inside, you'll find expert analysis on UX design, third-party integrations, and vendor collaboration plus practical guidance for aligning your tech stack with business objectives.

2024 OTT Trends: 6 Shifts Changing the Industry

Step into 2024 with a vision of the OTT industry’s future. Our new forecast explores the shifts that will transform the streaming landscape in 2024 and beyond.

You will discover key insights into the shifting global OTT markets and other trends impacting viewer experience.


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OTT Comparison: App-Building Solutions

We’ve distilled the OTT app-building landscape into four distinct categories, each offering varying degrees of speed, choice, flexibility, and price point. Learn which approach is right for you.



OTT App Building Guide: The 10 Factors You Can’t Miss

Our head of product has turned years of experience helping media companies solve their challenges into the ultimate OTT guide.

You will find checklists and recommendations to help bring your streaming service to life and manage it after launch.



Beyond the Wireframe: The Future of OTT App Development

When users demand streaming experiences tailored just for them, how can businesses stand out?

The answer lies in going beyond traditional boundaries and embracing a new approach to product design.


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5 OTT Industry Pitfalls No One Is Talking About

It’s no secret that building a successful streaming business is challenging. But what are the most important errors to avoid?

Take a look at our guide for some of the top mistakes voiced by our clients and the industry!



10 OTT Trends to Watch in 2023

The OTT world is always changing, so understanding what comes next can help you prepare. What do the streaming pros have on their radar this year?

We’ve gathered 10 OTT trends to watch in 2023 directly from the experts, from the rise of sports streaming to how Gen Z’s viewing habits are shaping the industry. 


The OTT Business Model Breakdown

Changing business models are at the heart of what OTT professionals can learn from giants like Netflix, Amazon, Disney, and others.

Learn the pros and cons of each model, see a chart showing what the biggest brands are doing, and explore an analysis on what's next for the industry.


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The Ultimate UX Guide for Video Apps

We’ve researched the best video apps to create the industry’s Ultimate UX Guide.

Learn the best app design practices acros various industries, and get inspired by real brands and their app creation journeys!



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22 OTT Stats for Your 2022 Strategy

Read the 2022 report to get the latest stats on viewer preferences, how they're consuming content and a better understanding of the strategies that the best content owner brands are using.

You will not find this data anywhere else, so don’t miss it!

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Thinking of Adding Roku to Your OTT Strategy?

If you want to win in the US market, Roku is a must-have platform.

We've aggregated the best data from around the web in this one-page e-guide to show the Roku opportunity and how it stacks up against other TV platforms.



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